Wooden Rose DIY Tutorial

This article will teach you how to make a pretty wooden rose to decorate your house. You don’t need to be a good carpenter or have lots of money to make this DIY handcrafted flower, because all of the materials used to make it are cheap and easy to find.

You will need two paper sized wooden veneers. Buy 2 types of veneer, one with a lighter color than the other for contrast. You will also need a large pair of scissors, a glue gun, a cooking pot, some wire a small glass cup and a small wooden branch of about 6mm in size.

First, prepare the two wood veneers. One should be lighter in color than the other. Boil hot water in the pot and put the veneers inside for a few minutes until they start to curve because of the heat. When they start to curve, take them out.

Now that the wood veneers are softened, you should be able to cut them. Cut them in an oval shape resembling that of a rose petal. Cut around 15-20 pieces in different sizes. Stick the petals inside small glass cup to curve them, and let it dry so that the curve becomes permanent. Cut the veneer residue in the shape of leaves into two pieces and let it dry for a few hours.

Assemble the veneer petals that are now dried and curved to resemble a rose. (Bigger petals should be placed in front of the smaller ones). Prepare the small wooden branch (6mm), and cut it into 3 pieces with 3 different slice angles, then connect those 3 pieces again with the glue gun while twisting it in a different angle for each branch piece so that it resembles a real stem. Finally, glue the wooden leaves with the glue gun. You can also wrap the wire around the wooden stem instead of gluing if you prefer.

The last step is to arrange the petals around the edge of the stem accordingly with the smaller petals placed inwards and the larger ones outwards. Use the glue gun to attach the petals.

Congratulations! Your wooden rose is now complete.

roses on hardwood